A special EP from the biggest and most famous records label of Hardcore music, Masters Of Hardcore, just came out with the unique purpose of celebrating its 300th official release, which gives it the reason why it is named as 300.

It has been a while since the organization has started to promote such a release by stating on their social networks: “Our 300th MOH release is coming your way this month! Stay tuned to watch this legendary Hardcore story unfold…” and, after a couple of weeks of holding on, both the tracklist and the names involved in this exclusive Extended Play have finally been announced.

The 300 EP is composed of 3 classic Hardcore tracks that were remixed by 3 different artists, we are talking about Bad Attitude, from the one and only Angerfist, remixed by Deadly Guns, a man that pushes his sounds a little faster and harder, features that are crystal clear on this remix. Bad Attitude is still owning that distinctive vibe that comes from Angerfist’s sounds, but here comes as a harder and faster version, ideal for the lovers of Uptempo Hardcore.

The queen of the scene, Korsakoff, also makes it into this EP with a remix of Lyra, one of the most iconic tracks of the Hardcore genre ever, that got its sound being reimagined by the spanish duo Broken Minds. These two are no strangers to anyone anymore after big successes from 2019, including the nomination as creators of the MOH Spain anthem makers, no better name could be picked for this commemoration release.

The last track is Asskicked (a tune that came out almost a decade ago) from the youngest veteran of the scene, Re-Style and remodeled by the italian man Blaster, that has released his Grand Theft Album, pt.1 less than a year ago with a massive feedback.

In an overall view, all the 3 tunes manage to combine the original versions with the approach that the producers responsible for the remixes have to this singular genre.

You can buy it at hardtunes.com or just stream it down here:

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