We’ve talked about these guys before for their solo releases (singles and EPs) but they have now joined forces to release a full three track EP, including a remix by GNTN: Sleep Paralysis EP is out now.

Well, being these some of the finest curators of the so called ‘kickdrum’ genre, you could only expect quality content coming out of this new project. ‘Sleep Paralysis’ is the perfect representation of the redesigned deep house these guys have been developing. They’ve made up their own sound and their songs ‘scream’ their name.

Starting off with the track that gives the EP its name, you immediatly get your ears stuck on the fresh saws and deep groove it gushes. The GNTN remix of the track will give you a more melodical version and re-imagination of the track, which will fill the gap you could feel was present on the original one.

Then, Dillema will just keep you dancing and will make you understand the importance of basslines on tracks like this one. It really stands out when you listen to it.

You can now stream this EP everywhere! Let us know what you think about it.

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