Laser Beams“, one of the most anticipated Riot Shift tracks, came out today!

Days before the track got released, Riot Shift changed their Instagram profile picture for fans to prepare for chaos.

This duo is quite famous for their “laser” kicks and “Laser Beams” is definitely an anthem that makes them leave their mark in the Hardstyle scene, specifically Raw.

A completely different theme than what we are used to hearing, which makes Riot Shift tracks so unique and appreciated by fans.

In our opinion, the second drop on this track is really spine tingling, the kicks are so powerful that even we didn’t expect it when we first heard the track! A very honorable mention to the usage of the well known “hit me with those laser beams” vocal sample, and the artwork too, which fits the overall theme quite well!

Riot Shift already have more than half a million plays on Spotify on the song “Broccoli Fuck” with Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz, this is their most played song at the moment, can “Laser Beams” exceed the number of views?

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