Veteran producer Ophidian has once again gone above and beyond with his latest productions. Out today via his Bandcamp we have the Messenger EP, composed of three very special tracks!

The first track from this EP is called Sometimes and it is the result of yet another one of his production challenges. In this track, Ophidian used solely sounds submitted by his fans, and if you want to check out how it was made head over to his YouTube channel. The samples used for some sounds will surprise you! But we won’t spoil the video for you, so check it out!

Sometimes is a very sentimental track revolving around astonishing spoken word vocals from Myréan about learning from mistakes, and it’s a track with many small details that make up a very heavy hitting and meaningful song. In what concerns me personally, this one takes the top spots for my favorite Ophidian productions, together with amazing works of art like Running On Empty, Abandon, Butterfly and Angel.

The second track is named Thunder Rocket and was made with the leftover sounds from the previous challenge (you can watch the video for that here). This production is a rather surprising one, even for an artist from whom we’re used to seeing different and rather outside the box releases. If you ever wondered on how Ophidian would sound having a go at some Uptempo Hardcore (something he never really focused on), here’s what you have to listen to! But rest assured, this is very much his own style, and it is a track with its own, very unique atmosphere.

The third track is named Operation, and given it features a lot of breakbeat, it was certainly a good fit to be released under his Meander alias. This is the result of yet another challenge, this time using Loopcloud, resulting in a heavy hitting Crossbreed track.

We hope you enjoy this EP as much as we do and play it loud! You can download these tracks for free, but if possible, buy this amazing producer an energy drink, as he’s suggested on his Facebook!

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