Today, at around 11 am, Radical Redemption published on Instagram a leak of his upcoming releases, 4 tracks ready for the public to hear and repeat.

Two of the 4 tracks that Radical published are the “Dominator Tribute” which is capable of being, so far, the track that fans most want to see released.

The other track is a track that we have already talked about here on our website and to find out which track it is, click here!

If we are going to count the number of tracks that have not yet come out and Radical has already played, we will probably have enough material for an album or several EPs in our hands, otherwise he will release tracks 1 by 1. We don’t know these details yet but we are looking forward to these releases.

This gentleman warned that he would not stop even with 5 albums, he would not stop doing what he loves the most and what gives him life, producing more and more, giving fans all over the world the power that Hardstyle has and the extremes that style of music can achieve.

But that’s not all, what the fans are most “afraid of” is that Radical, after playing the tracks countless times, does not release and does a remake as has already happened with a track on the album “The One Man Army”, “Piece of Shit“. Here is the first before carrying the rework.

Many preferred Radical’s initial work but he didn’t like it and decided to release the track with more details and that fans liked it.

And do you prefer how the track was or do you prefer it now? Let us know!

And by the way, what tracks are you most looking forward to from Radical Redemption? Let us know!

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