The latest release on Scantraxx BLACK is an EP with 4 tracks from different artists – a compilation of the best there is at the moment in the most extreme edge of Hardstyle! Featuring tracks from Imperatorz & Aversion, Deluzion, Crossfight and Refract, this is box is filled with heavy artillery!

The first track is the collaboration, named Valhalla, from Imperatorz & Aversion. Our readers should already know these two artist well, as we’ve featured them previously. This track gets you immediately in the battle mood due to the background vocals. Kicks on this track are punchy, and the climax even includes an anti climatic part mid way, making for an interesting variation. The melody is rather interesting and the track as a whole is well balance – you can hear both artist’s styles in this one.

Next up we have Deluzion with System Overload. The robotic vocals at the start are well treated and suit the whole theme perfectly. The climax is energetic and has a huge bassline that makes everything really aggressive. This is undoubtedly Deluzion’s signature sound, especially in what concerns the kick and bass.

The third track is F.U.B.A.R, but one thing’s for sure, Crossfight didn’t f*ck up in this one! Screeches are on point and the kick is both punchy and bass in good measure. The build up before the climax really gets the energy going, making this track one of the strongest points in this EP!

Refract closes this EP with Can’t Breathe. The pop’ish vocals at the start don’t prepare the listener to what’s coming and you’ll be surprised to realize they actually suite quite well in the track. The mid intro focuses on the bass, which really fills the track nicely. The lead melody on the break is one of the highlights here, together with the kick in the outro.

Here’s to hoping there are. more releases like these in the future, packed with epic tracks! What’s your favorite one? Let us know in our socials!

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