Above & Beyond kick off 2020 with long-awaited masterpiece “Blue Monday”, out now on their label Anjunabeats.

These guys just can’t get stop, can they? 2019 was yet another mind-blowing year for Above & Beyond. The legendary trio composed of Jono Grant, Paavo Siljamäki and Tony McGuinness had a constant stream of releases all throughout the year, balancing a slur of singles, remixes, EPs, compilations and much more. The Anjunabeats label owners have certainly kept their hands full, and they’re out to prove 2020 will be no exception to the rule with “Blue Monday”.

After floating around their sets and radio show for literally years – first debuting all the way back in 2013 – “Blue Monday” is finally officially out, released on the (very fitting) 20th day of 2020 which marks 20 years of their Anjunabeats label.

Inspired by New Order’s namesake single from 1983 – a platinum selling record that inspired Paavo, Jono and Tony with its groundbreaking sound design – “Blue Monday” is the trio’s remake of the classic, thus recreating the original riff and drums on more modern hardware.

The track starts out with a very 80’s synth and a simple beat, climaxing in a 100% A&B first chorus. Guarded and highlighted with Jono’s own vocals, the breakdown meets us with a barrage of harmonious ambience sounds, quickly re-introducing the 80’s analog synth, this time with a lot more quality and clarity than the New Order track.

As stated by Tony on Above & Beyond Group Therapy 361, the 2013 version introduced at the iconic Alexandra Palace in 2013 was “our Blue Monday remix, now it’s our Blue Monday record, rebuilt from scratch.” We couldn’t agree anymore. Check it out below.

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