Riot Of The Bass is Teknoclash’s latest hit, released on Wolf Clan, a sub label of the legendary Dirty Workz imprint, that focuses on productions that are more outside the box and don’t fit the main label for incorporating Bass or Trap elements, which is the case with this one! If you love tracks that fuse together different styles of dance music, then you’re in for a treat right after you press play!

The track kicks off with GLDY LX’s vocals. The mid intro features a pace setting deep kick with well pronounced bass, with the break featuring a trap inspired section with a breakbeat and vocals. The build up slowly prepares the listener for the energy of the climax, with the outro featuring a breakbeat similar to what we’ve heard on the break.

Teknoclash, real name Johnny Eckebrecht, has been around for quite a while. He was mostly in the shadows ghost producing, but during his career he’s decided to launch his own project, where he could showcase his own vision… thus Teknoclash was born! There are definitely a few tracks that are a must listen from this guy, such as We Don’t Smoke and, if you’re more oriented for the harder styles, One & Only and Elbowz, known for its punchy kicks!

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