Pioneer has been on the top edge of technological developement concerning DJ and production gear and they’ve now taken a step forward. They announced a new 6-channel mixer: DJM-V10!

That’s right, if you’re a DJ (or just a fanatic dance music enthusiast) you know that artists that use all 4 channels on a mixer, are usually the ones that take the most out of the gear and the ones that wish to evolve their skills to the next level.

Well, if you were looking for something different than the things you’re used to work with, this new Pioneer equipment is worth taking into account.

Introducing, for the first time, a 4 band equalizer, you’ll be able to control the frequencies you’re working with on a more precise level, where instead of having the usual High- Mid – Low you now have High – High Mid – Low Mid – Low.

There’s many more new features on this new DJM-V10 and you can look at them all here. Meanwhile, take a look at one of these in action:

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