Don’t Let The Sun Go Down is the latest collaboration released on Dirty Workz’s copyright free imprint that saw System of Loudness and Anklebreaker bring their skills together! System of Loudness are an upcoming Spanish duo known for releases on the famed X-Bone imprint and Anklebreaker is one of the melody masterminds of the harder styles, so just judging by this you can see it resulted in an epic collab!

The summer vibes are strong with this one, a track that starts with soothing vocals and a soft melody in the background that slowly rises as we progress, revealing more and more of itself. The climax is an insane mix of euphoria and a hard kick that’s not very punchy, but still sounds quite impacting with the warm bass surrounding it. Between both climaxes there’s also a break that showcases the melody and the vocalist in all of its power, leading to an epic finish. Next thing you know it, the track is over, but all of your favorite moments from last summer certainly crossed your mind during the 2:52 journey!

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