Today, January 16th, KELTEK decides to release another thunderous track that we already count on for the Q-dance top 100 and the year has only just begun.

With “Kingdom Comes” along with Diandra Faye, Sven aka KELTEK reveals his ambition to want to evolve not only in production quality but also to increase his fan base and add more and more fans to his kingdom.

When KELTEK announced that he would split from his beloved partner Wietse (from Psyko Punkz), no one expected that after 2 years this legend would wreak havoc, “Down to Earth” was a track that marked many, and there was even an interview with an athlete who revealed that this track helped her build confidence to reach her goals, she listened to “Down To Earth” before the competition and won, this is the power of Hardstyle!

With a unique production style, this song is formed by a Psy inspired bassline, which became famous basslines. After that, we have a powerful and chilling melody to our ears, not to mention that the climax truly explodes when it drops and the lady’s vocals that fit the track very well, which was expected from this producer.

KELTEK had a very good 2019, releasing a lot of great tracks, doing the Reverze and Defqon.1 anthems and performing at Qlimax, an event where many would like to leave their name, you can hear his set here.

What do you expect more from KELTEK this year? Are you going to see him perform somewhere? We want to know!

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