This week’s Imminent Radioshow is with up and coming artist MERKO, swooping in with his housey beats and commercial vibes!

We keep going for that bread and trucking onwards for episode 41 of our Imminent Radioshow, this time with special guest MERKO. We caught up with Miguel Ângelo in the now traditional quick interview:

How was your start as an artist?

I started 7 years ago, after finding out about Ultra and Tomorrowland and also roaming around and exploring local parties. After that, I bought a Pioneer DJ Controller and taught myself how to DJ while contacting local clubs and bars for gigs. Since then, I’ve been showcasing my work week in and week out.

Who’s yout biggest inspiration?

Martin Garrix, no question about it. Not only is he an amazing DJ/Producer, but he is also someone I accompanied since I was 10 years old (for context, we’re the same age), and I feel like he showed the world anyone can truly fulfil their childhood dream.

What obstacles have you faced along the way and how did you surpass them?

I’ve had a couple of obstacles: getting the first few opportunities was tough, as was not releasing any music and not having any inspiration in regards to my career.
I’m really passionate about what I do, and that’s why I’m so driven and motivated for myself, I firmly believe (and hope) I can keep my career going for many years to come.

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