Phrantic is one of those producers that always went by somewhat unnoticed, but that has absolute gems in his discography! Since his days back at Theracords he’s proven to be a skillful producer with unique sounds, and the same continues to this day. He proves it with his latest release, Cutting Edge. For this one he teamed up with famed vocalist Last Word!

The track kicks off with a somewhat dark atmosphere, with a screech and a deep vocal sample. We’re then led straight away to a melody and a break with rap-like vocals that suit the theme rather well. As we go through the build up, the track opens up and loosens the atmosphere. During the climax, kicks are insanely punchy and will certainly sound marvelously well on any festival sound system. The lyrics can be interpreted as being on the top of one’s game (hence, being on the cutting edge). To top it all off we have a very simple, yet addicting melody which really makes this track pop and stand out.

According to the artist, this track represents the sound he’s been pursuing since the early days, and represents the direction he wants to head to… So judging by this, many more epic releases are forthcoming, so keep an eye out!

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