The Norwegian rookie is once again slaying it and promises a “Good Time” with his brand-new single on Dirty Workz.

At the ripe young age of 20, Serzo – real name Espen – already shows great promise regarding his future career. After an auspicious career start on X-Bone and Q-Dance, the Oslo-born DJ/Producer was tipped for greater things by signing with Coone’s iconic Dirty Workz back in November last year.

Espen did not waste a single second, and released his debut single on the label just a couple of days later: “Flyin High” hit Spotify on December 2nd and it was received with an encouraging degree of success, managing to captivate and convince 68 000 people (at the time of writing) to press play on the track. Back then, we said “Flyin High” would be the first of many, and now Serzo starts off strong on his quest to keep that promise with “Good Time”.

This is more of what one has come to expect from the young lad: starting out with a couple of growls and a half-pitched vocal, the listeners ears are greeted with an assault of kicks. Around the 40s mark, Espen introduces the euphoric melody, a very fitting lead which then culminates on a hair-raising drop finishing in a 2:51min package of energy. Another technical solid effort for the youngster, always with the promise of bigger and better in mind.

Check the track out in the link down below!

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