Offensive Rage, the label created by Cryogenic (a name that represents not only an artist but also an icon of Uptempo Hardcore music), has had a full week with the releases of two albums, being one of them The Need For Speed in which the DJ’s and producers, Barber and FrenchFaces, have joined forces.

The album is composed of 5 collabs among these 3 men (including a remix of Life’s a Bitch from Sjammienators), that combined with 2 solo tracks from Barber and 3 solo tracks from the FrenchFaces makes it a total of 10 tunes.

One first listen is just enough to understand why these artists have made the decision of choosing this name for their album and as well for one of the tunes that makes part of the tracklist. Speed was needed and speed was given, but most importantly, the high BPM’s are well combined with the heavy kicks that the fans of Uptempo are used to.

Here is the complete tracklist:

La Bomba
The Cook 2.0 Not My Style
On The Attack
Streetlife (Barber Remix)
The Need For Speed
Rock Around
Life’s a Bitch (Barber & Frenchfaces Remix)

You can buy it at or just stream it down here:

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