Two of the most relevant producers in the Hardstyle scene joined together in the studio once more to create magic! After tracks like The Paradox, The Enigma and The Solution, we now have My Beautiful Fantasy, a track that’s been receiving positive feedback since it was premiered at Qlimax.

The track begins with the emotional vocals. The lyrics are quite meaningful and can be interpreted as not being able to reach out to someone we love and the frustration that comes with it. After that part, the melody erupts through the speakers, with elements in the background that make the atmosphere rather intense. The climax clearly has major influences from both of the artists’ styles, namely the percussion part with Phuture Noize’s signature kick and bass, with epic kickrolls, and the “long” melodies we’re used to from some B-Front releases. The break is short enough not to turn all the energy down, and the second climax drops quickly and with a melody variation. The outro is rather soothing, with a slightly distorted violin and piano background.

Not much else can be said other than the fact that this is an absolute masterpiece that personally touched me due to the meaningful lyrics and the intense melody. We’re pretty sure many people will feel the same, and we can definitely understand why this track immediately became a fan favorite. This is probably their best collaboration!

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