The mystery is over! TAC Team have outed themselves on social media. And yes, we know… It’s not all that surprising given the “clues” that appeared as time went by. As expected, TAC stands for Toneshifterz, Atmozfears and Code Black!

They were first mentioned on the lineup of the upcoming I Am Hardstyle – Born and Raised event in Germany, and didn’t have much activity on socials until now. A few days ago they started revealing their identities one by one, which ended up with the picture you see above.

Toneshifterz and Code Black have long been associated with the WE R and I Am Hardstyle imprints, so the choice here was rather straightforward as there weren’t really any alternatives. As for the “A” it was somewhat doubtful if it wouldn’t be Aftershock or ANDY SVGE instead. However after leaving Spirit of Hardstyle (and the posterior move of the artists from this label to Art of Creation), after being seen numerous times on socials with the other TAC Team members and given the long standing rumors of a switch to I Am Hardstyle (including a picture of the man himself “hidden” for months on I Am Hardstye’s website), Atmozfears seemed the perfect fit for this team. Not to mention he’s a very skilled and well known producer that can definitely take this Team to a whole new level!

What do you think of this Team? Is this the inception of a new Hardstyle superstar group? Let us know through our socials!

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