After the Spirit of Hardstyle label teamed up with Art of Creation, Bass Modulators show a taste of their new tracks on this label.

Bass Modulators are an Euphoric Hardstyle duo who already have a long career, sure to be in Q-dance books as “legends”. Legends that have been present at various parties and have created wonderful anthems, they are in fact an impressive duo in this scene.

Spirit of Hardstyle recently joined Art of Creation to jointly create art, and that’s exactly what this track is.

Together with Bram Boender, Bass Modulators release “Survive” with a fantastic melody and very unique kicks surrounded by a ever so slightly distorted bass that’s very pleasing to the ears. The attention to detail here is rather high, something expected with such a high level release, but that always leaves an impressively good mark. The vocals have a bit of a robotic feel, which is rather distinctive and interesting. The lyrics are also deep, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy them!

Spirit of Hardstyle was quiet for a long time and fans were asking every day what was going on, and despite the scenario mentioned above having been discussed online, there were no clues if this switch was indeed going to happen. We’re glad this merger is working well and we can’t wait for more releases!

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