As 2019 drew to a close and 2020 is just starting, what better way to bury 2019 in the past than with an exclusive yearmix by DJ Thera!

2019 is over and 2020 is upon us, and we here at Future Connection leave behind a great year of growth, ambition and especially great guests! With that in mind, there was only one person we could resort to end the year in style, an absolute legend of the harder styles that helped shape the genre as we know it today and has accompanied it since day one almost two decades ago: Pieter Heijnen – better known as DJ Thera!

His first involvement with the harder beats began all the way back in the late 90’s/early 00’s. Together with Fabian Bohn – Brennan Heart (check out that story in the Spotlight we did regarding Fabian’s career), they released quality tracks under the revered Brennan & Heart alias. Later in 2008, Pieter decided to go solo as DJ Thera, creating his very own Theracords imprint, with a motto which still stands today: “music produced from the heart”!

Now in 2020, with 3 albums, including a Diversity is Key compilation album, countless EP’s, singles and remixes, this industry titan reflected on an astonishing 2019 and made a yearmix exclusively for us! As the artist himself says, “diversity is key”, and that’s exactly what you can expect with his mix packed to the brim with the best Hardstyle and Hardcore from last year!

Crank the sound up as loud as you can, join Adrenalize, Headhunterz, Kronos, The Prophet, Dither, DJ Isaac and friends, and let your neighbors convert to the religion of Hardstyle with a god-tier mix from DJ THERA!!

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