Dutch duo Yellow Claw could not start 2020 in a better way. They’ve announced that their new album is coming out in January. Are you ready?

The year has barely begun and the news in the world of electronic music keeps coming, and this time it is one of the most talented duo that brings us fresh news. Yellow Claw have just announced the new album “Never Dies” with a release date for January 31st. Big fans of the Dutch duo won’t have to wait long until they can hear another album full of great songs from Yellow Claw.

In the history of Yellow Claw we can count on the three famous albums “Blood For Mercy“, “Los Amsterdam” and “New Blood” that marked from the beginning the whole course of the duo. “Danger Days” was the latest EP with several major collaborations. With all this we will expect an album with a lot of diversity in terms of music taking into account the latest releases with more “Latin” rhythms like “Baila Comigo” or “El Terror“.

Still without any music announced there is a video that could be part of this new album and with an incredible collaboration, you can get to know everything here.

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