It is nothing new, for those who follow the uptempo Hardcore scene, that the records label Triple Six Records, from the one and only DJ and producer DRS, is heavily devoted to this genre and an opportunity giver to those who are trying to give their first steps into this special world.

With the purpose of taking this label to the next level and, as well, to make this scene grow, Triple Six Records is announcing the signing of new names, some of them quite known like Trespassed, a young man that has already been giving a large number of evidences of his talent and massive dedication to his tracks.

Following this line of thought, the Uptempo Hardcore Label has now announced ChaosCtrl, a 21 years old artist that has started his career in 2015 by producing Hardstyle (especially rawstyle), but, at that moment, Hardcore was not his main focus point. Although, an enormous turning point was written in the stars for this young boy and Uptempo is now his main style.

The dutch man that got noticed after his bootleg of Ncrypta’s “Book of Fear” due to his unique kicks, has already confirmed the release of an EP for his new label: “I’m releasing my S!ck B!tch E.P. soon, that includes 6 solo tracks!”.

Besides this new signing, Triple Six Records has also left a tease on its socials for the confirmation of a new artist soon, but his/her identity is still unknown.

Down here is ChaosCtrl’s most recent Uptempo track that is available on his Soundcloud:

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