The inscrutable artist is out to show that 2020 is going to be big, and he starts off strong on Sander Van Doorn’s DOORN Records label.

The enigmatic Zen/it is a multi-influenced artist in the scene. As he puts it, “No matter the genre, I want to tell you my story”, and that has rung true in every single he has put out. In 2019 he released 4 eclectic bangers: two on Columbia (Sony), one in Don Diablo’s Hexagon and another on SPRS, thus showcasing his versatility as a producer.

As we start a new decade, it’s feels like a new beginning for some of us, and Zen/it’s new track “Memento” is a masterclass of melody. Starting out with eerie synths a unnerving arp, we’re quickly introduced to the catchy first chorus, featuring a certain industrial and robotic vibe to it. The breakdown is where things get really interesting: violins and ambience sounds join forces with a single purpose of making your arm hair stand.

The second “drop” recycles many of the elements of the first one, adding background choirs and a chilling melodic touch to “Memento”s overall 2:58min duration. A stunning effort by Zen/It and an interesting prequel to what’s to come in 2020. Keep an eye out for him, he’s going places.

Check out “Memento” in the link down below!

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