In the midst of one of humanities worst disasters, artists worldwide come together in the hopes of helping in the fight of the horrifying events happening in Australia.
With an estimate of half a billion dead animals, 27 people dead and over 2500 buildings converted to dust, every helping hand is needed.

Home to some of the worlds most renowned producers, Australian DJ and producers such as Timmy Trumpet, Flume, Alison Wonderland, who are doing everything in their power to help.

Other names such as Svdden Death, Cray, Don Diablo, David Guetta, Timmy Trumpet, and so forth, have shared their concerns and appealed for donations, having themselves contributed to associations, in hopes to help fight these fires.

“For those who are able and want to help (like myself) you should donate to the Australian Red Cross. After you do so they send you this message: “Thank you for believing in the power of humanity” which couldn’t be more true” – Don Diablo

Artists like Flume, who has donated the mind-blowing amount of 100 000$, Peeking Duk with 50 000$ and pop star known as P!nk pledged to donate an insane amount of 500 000$ and with beautiful acts, from selling unreleased ID’s to donating all the merchandising revenues for a month, everyone seems to unite in this desperate fight.

So so so sad. It’s breaking my heart. My home is on fire. I’m donating $100,000 to @wireswildliferescue to help injured, displaced wildlife.
Please watch my story to find out how you can help @australia

In the name of Wide Future we would like to ask everyone for some help. You too can make a difference and help Australia during its bushfire crisis, by donating to any of the following charitable organisations;
Red Cross
Salvation Army
WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation
New South Wales Rural Fire Service
RSPCA New South Wales

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