As usual, during their end of year event, Q-dance presented the top 10 Hardstyle tracks of the year as voted by you, the listener! This is always a tough choice, but one that’s got to be made, and a responsibility that fans of the harder styles always take on gladly!

2019 was absolutely remarkable in what concerns Hardstyle releases. Both the quantity and the quality of the tunes released last year was outstanding and we’ve had a rather high number of albums being released. Albums from artists like Act Of Rage, Apexx, Rejecta, Sub Zero Project, Prefix & Density, among others, filled our ears all year, and there were countless singles and EP’s as we went by. The best way to look back on all this is indeed by looking at the top 10, and without further ado, here we have it!

10. Ghost Stories – Fallen Souls

No doubt that the geniuses D-Block & S-te-Fan stormed the scene with their Ghost Stories act. All the tracks they put out give us the chills and are amazing pieces of art!

9. Frequencerz & Phuture Noize – Starlight

This one touched every orange heart deeply. A track with lyrics like these and with this unique energy couldn’t go by unattended

8. B-Front & Adrenalize – Elektronic Symphony

A track that sounds absolutely crazy both live and at home. One of the few tracks you can close your eyes to and just drift away during the break and rave like crazy during the climax.

7. Phuture Noize, KELTEK & Sefa – One Tribe

Q-dance has attempted something unique for this year’s anthem of the biggest harder styles festival, and it seems this anthem has won the fans’ hearts!

6. Warface – I Need You

If you’ve ever heard this one live, you know why it is on this top. The kick is absolutely relentless and devastating!

5. D-Block & S-te-Fan – Brace Yourself (IMPAQT 2019 Anthem)

Yet another masterpiece from a duo that never disappoints. They were tasked with the first IMPAQT anthem, and they smashed this challenge!

4. Ran-D x Frequencerz x Adaro – Battleborn

Another track that took the scene by storm. It includes a higher bpm part that always works well live!

3. Headhunterz – Orange Heart (feat. Sian Evans)

This one doesn’t really need any explanation. It is dedicated to every Hardstyle fan!

2. Ran-D & Endymion ft. LePrince – Run From Reality

A huge contender for the number one spot. It got a very respectable 2nd place, regardless! This one helps you disconnect from all the troubles in the world.

  1. D-Block & S-te-Fan & Sub Zero Project – Darkest Hour (The Clock)

The absolute winner, a spine tingling journey through hard beats and astonishing vocals!

Cheers to a new year, and may your orange heart beat wildly in 2020

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