The year is just a few hours away from being over and it is now time to look back and see how generous 2019 was for the true Hardcore heads.

A substantial amount of new albums and EP’s were released under this period of only 365 days and, consequently, a vast number of fresh tracks have been delivered to this very special genre’s devoted fans. From mainstream Hardcore to Terror, nothing was laid aside by the most gifted artists when it came to give their best to their products.

The year started just fine with the release of “Critter”, from Angerfist, even though it had its official video getting released on YouTube as a substitute of a Megamix for 2018, the track was only officially released on audio streaming platforms like Spotify in the beginning of 2019 and might be labeled as one of the most awaited tracks by the fans of Mainstream Hardcore.

The number one Hardcore producer had a full truck of highlights in 2019 by delivering his fans a massive collection of new tunes with his mini album “Diabolic Dice” and with collabs like “Primal Instinct” (with Stereotype) and “The Heartless” (the track that took the first place of Masters of Hardcore Top 100 2019), an astonishing cross of talents with the big man Tha Playah, who also had a quite interesting year with the release of his very second album.

A masterpiece was provided by one of the most respected artists in the scene, “Sick and Twisted” was one of the most wanted albums and it didn’t dissapoint. By collaborating with well known names like Ophidian, DJ Mad Dog and N-Vitral, tracks from this album just needed a lifetime of months to get to be seen as hits.

Following the line of the mainstream side of Hardcore, 2019 had a hand full of refreshing beats that resulted in a new highlight. “Aftermath” came out just a few days before Christmas and this one was certainly a souvenir for those who support the italian queen of Hardcore music, but make no mistake, this album might be a perfect metaphor for “The calm before the storm” once it starts just as mainstream used us to, but finishes awfully hard with heavy kicks on a high speed above 200 BPM’s.

As high speed has now been mentioned, it is finally time to talk about the release of DRS’ new album. Checkmate” counts on 36 bombs, grouping fresh beats with previously released tracks.

In this cluster of violent and sinister sounds you can find unique pieces of true Hardcore art with solos of DRS, collabs with a lot of Uptempo producers and even some solo tracks from some the artists of Triple Six Records (DRS’ records label).

One of the names present on Checkmate album, Chaotic Hostility, made 2019 as the year of their debut album. A bag of 13 treats from these two men was offered on the special day of Friday the 13th, also in the last month of the year, by releasingFirst Rule No Rules.

Closing off the retrospective of this year is the fastest album of 2019, the “Defender of Terror” from the legend Drokz. The album was released before the break that the DJ/Producer decided to take after a long period of 25 straight years of rocking behind the decks and giving it all in the studio.

Drokz has also uploaded a video where he tells the story of each track of his new album to let people understand a little bit more about it.

These are just a few things that occurred in the Hardcore scene in this year, but a lot more has happened, so here’s the Masters of Hardcore Top 100 2019 to give you a little summary of all that took place in 2019:

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