In this article we will mention exactly 10 reasons why you should not miss The Promised Land, an event some mentioned on our site.

1- It is a Hardstyle event in Portugal and we know perfectly well that the scene is growing more and more in Portugal and it is very rare to have such events in this country.

2- 100% Portuguese quality, we always have foreigners standing on our ground for the first time, but we must first start supporting our national artists and show that we want to take this style of music forward.

3- It’s cheap, it only costs 8 euros, you only need to worry about transport and, with luck, you can get good discounts on both trains and buses, so wherever you go you always have the chance to go by transport and you don’t pay much.

4- If you go, you will have the opportunity to watch the first LIVE set in Portugal, a fabulous debut in Portugal, if you are curious to know more about this act, click here to know more.

5- This event is the first 100% Hardstyle event in the north of Portugal, so in a way, the northern population has a big advantage in going.

6- The artists announced on social networks that many surprises would happen during the event and they will not reveal what it is, they just told you to be present!

7- What about the sound system? Easy friends, easy, the sound system is very powerful and very clean, the place where the event will take place will be ready to be destroyed by our artists.

8- In one night, you’ll have all Hard Dance sub-genres, not just Euphoric, Raw, you’ll have everything in one night.

9- The artists, besides the surprises, announced that they would play many new songs and if you want to have the opportunity to listen for the first time, appear at the event!

10- Without you, the event will not be the same. If you’re a huge Hardstyle fan and want to see this style growing in Portugal, support the events and make your plans to attend!

We insisted enough for you to buy a ticket? We hope so! To buy the it, you need to send a message to DJ Alex T‘s Instagram and he will tell you what to do about the payment method.

Finally, we hope to have your presence at the event so we can send kickrolls together, see you in Braga!

Be sure to share your expectations for this amazing party on socials using the hashtag #LetUsTakeYouToThePromisedLand

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