We’re fast approaching 2020, but this year still had at least one huge announcement in store… You may remember that Spoontech recently teased an announcement, and we now know what was that all about… There’s a new Spoontechnician in town, and it’s the unique young talent Hatom!

This artist discovered Hardstyle about 10 years ago and it didn’t take long for him to start producing within the genre. He’s been under the radar releasing since 2014, having gone through labels like Rawr Records, DJ’s United, among others, and more recently, on The Funky Cat, where he could fully express his outside the box approach to Hardstyle. It was also through that label he released his latest EP, that we featured, along with many other great tracks like Strong Element and The Ritual.

He recently released a collaboration with Deel on Spoontech, named Monsters Against Us, which was an absolute banger, and certainly his ticket in to this historic label.

Many were already counting on this new acquisition from the Spoontech team. After all, it makes total sense, given that the label has many outside the box releases and also focuses on a heavier sound than most other labels. So Hatom will certainly feel at home there, and we’re looking forward to his upcoming releases!

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