Missing Caine? He took some time off of his ventures with Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz (which has been a fan favorite, with high level performances such as on Defqon.1) to give us a new EP called The Prophecy.

The EP kicks off with a revamped version of Saviour, a track originally released back in 2016. This new version definitely respects the original, giving it a slight revamp so that it is ready to smash stages in this day and age, and it definitely does the job. The lead melody is clearer in the speakers, and the kick is now punchier and packs that extra bit of crunchy bass, making what was already a nice package into something even better.

Treachery is the second track, and features some crazy kick and bass variations throughout the track, from deep punchy kicks to high pitched ones. Together with GyZe’s aggressive vocals, it makes this one an unrelenting, heavy track, just as we like it!

We then have the title track, The Prophecy, in which we get transported to medieval times with the amazing vocals right on the intro. Another standout element in this track is the crazy screech on the climaxes that’s unlike anything we’ve been hearing and helps this track get even more aggressive.

Next up we have an Uptempo edit of another fan favorite – No Mercy with the amazing John Harris on the vocals. While we do understand the goal here (it’s always important for an artist to have something both fast and powerful to finish performances with) there’s nothing too special with this one and in my personal opinion, it takes a bit out of the feeling the original one has. Nevertheless, it should be fun seeing Caine close his performances with something like this.

For the closing track, Caine partners up with GyZe again to bring some Metal-like vocals to We Fight Together, a Hardcore banger that any higher tempo DJ’s will most certainly want to have in their arsenal of tracks.

Summing everything up, this is one very nice EP, and we’re sure this will clarify any doubts from those who thought Caine was no more! Greig is definitely here to stay and bring us amazing tunes.

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