Who are Dreamrz? You ask. In this article we will explain why they deserve more recognition and a warning for all fans of Dance Music in general.

This duo is made up of 2 young dreamers, Vator Dreamrz and Das Dreamrz who since very young have their dreams surrounding the main stages of Dance Music festivals. From a very young age they have started making music, whether with musical instruments and/or digitally, these two boys want to show that regardless of age, they are able to show their ambition and their will to make the difference and to show the quality they have. The reason I am writing this article about them here is that we, Wide Future, want to help the small producers who want to grow the scene in our country to get more audience and recognition from not only us, fans of Dance Music, but increasing the appetite of the promoters who read our articles looking for young producers who are eager to grow and the Dreamrz are definitely the best example we have to give also to those who started producing or want to start producing.

At only 15 years old, these two young boys are doing a great job and I will explain why (Yes, you read it well, at only 15 years old).

Let’s start by talking about Rodrigo Conceição aka Vator Dreamrz, who initially produced 3 solo tracks and we will leave here one of his tracks for you to enjoy this gentleman’s early work. Starting only with small melodies and simple beats, this fearless little producer released these tracks.

Das Dreamrz aka David Santos debuted his first track in 2017 “Melodies 2017” with a simple melody and beats as well, and never giving up and showing his ideas to the public.

This duo joined in early 2018 with the intention of growing Hardstyle in Portugal and to this day have been doing fantastic projects and have had the support and opinion of the biggest Portuguese producer KURA, the king of Hardstyle Kaiser-T and D3FAI. This is their Spotify and here you can hear all the tracks produced by both of them to this day, we want to hear from you!

You probably must have listened to their tracks solo and found it too simple, too short or some other reason to be at the amateur level but… Did you know these “amateurs” made it to the Beatport charts with their latest release “Afterlife“?

Starting in that simplicity and minimalism, they grew and learned and “Afterlife” is on Beatport’s Hard Dance charts and EDM charts in Colombia! It is an achievement not only for those small producers but also for Portugal as we set the stage for having a track of these two on the Beatport charts. Starting with just 100 YouTube views, they won this trophy. Wide Future congratulates Dreamrz and we certainly support them in their pursuit of the high level of production they are striving for!

A little outburst and a warning to finish the article, if we want Dance Music (regardless of style) to grow in each of our own countries, we have to support those who want it to move forward. We can show the world that we have a lot of quality, Portugal for example, has the potential to evolve and make memories to write on the books here and outside Portugal (as we can see from the portuguese producers in this case) and be able to do more about Dance Music events with quality local names. In addition to that, the promoters of the festivals are not sleeping so YOU can be the one promoting changes, giving an opinion about a track that a small producer made and be sure to support your local artists! With that, promoters will invite more local DJ’s/Producers to perform at the local festivals and maybe out there and not just foreigners to complete the festival line-ups in your country.

Dreamrz (and not only) are the perfect example that we should pay attention to the quality produced and share, not just listen and doing nothing – share, criticize, talk, support if you enjoyed! Push up the producers because that’s what they want, that’s how they evolve and you, if you do that, we are sure that the Dance Music scene in your country will have more recognition. We can make the difference. Support your local artists!

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