After a critical year in PEACE MAKER!’s career, it is finally time to be delighted by his last production of this year, released under a label that is very dear to him, The Boat House.

Together with HRolex, “Under The Disco Lights“, is a wonderfully constructed track that portraits everything that the artist is. Dynamic, energetic and full of life are some of the adjectives perfect to describe such a track.

Released on the very special End of the Year compilation for The Boat House, PEACE MAKER!‘s track stands out, alongside Fish Scale’s “Dance Floor” and Fullbset’s Disturbed“, two outstanding and phenomenal productions, that definitely deserve everyone’s attention.

Dance Floor“, created by Fish Scale, much like the title suggests is the perfect banger for anyone looking to get wild on the dancefloor, through its wonky bassline that allows the track to be both powerful and catchy. Fullbset, of course, an artist who is unable to disappoint, delivers “Disturbed“.

With a throbbing bassline and hypnotising vocals, the track created by PEACE MAKER! & HRolex will grab you by the collar and flood your soul. In a very PEACE MAKER! characteristic way, the drop is different from what you’re used to listening, giving it their own personality and hearts, “Under The Disco Lights” are the beautiful culmination of a whole year.

Worth particular attention from our part is the phenomenal work done by the label, The Boat House, that consistently delivered not only some world class tracks, but also gave some of the best upcoming talents a platform to share their productions.

Having toured New-Zealand and played a very special ADE set, PEACE MAKER! is ready to take on 2020 and make it his own. We received some very special insight from the artist himself regarding releases and Live performances, and all we can say is that you’re in for a treat!

Until then you can enter the Christmas spirit with “Under The Disco Lights“, out now on The Boat House!

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