There’s no one like San Holo. The concept behind his brand and the honest and genuine feeling you get while listening to his music stand out from the rest. His album1 just got remixed and a lot of remixes came out today!

San Holo has been on a brilliant journey through his own mind, the renewed sounds he is bringing out and he’s bringing happiness to the great amount of true and dedicated fans from all around the world. He’s making sure everyone keeps boosting each other’s blessing percentages up and trying to reach your own very uncommon 100%.

His album album1 did this to many people and while it was a turning point for his career, where he realized the path his sound was supposed to take in the music industry, it inspired multiple other artists to make their own versions out of the original ones and this new remix pack is filled with feelings, emotions and a true love for music.

You should definitely keep an eye on the artists featured on this pack, as these are some of the most original tracks that have been out in the past times. Jaron remixed lift me from the ground, Aiobahn remixed everything matters (when it comes to you) and there’s even a hardstyle remix by the one and only Atmozfears! He left his touch on brighter days. And there’s even drum n’ bass! Rootkit flipped go back in time in such a beautiful way… There’s really nothing else we can say, just go and listen to this remix pack!

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