It appears that recently Sound Rush took it to /r/Hardstyle’s Discord channel to do an impromptu AMA! After the album announcement during Qlimax, it seems they’re working hard on it and fans are eager to have their hands in this piece of work.

It seems they’re planning to collaborate with Headhunterz & Wildstylez, Atmozfears, D-Sturb, KELTEK and Da Tweekaz for the album, and that they’re aiming for 5 solos and 5 collaborations, and they already have more than half of the album finished. There were a few questions aimed towards the Atmozfears collab. They played this one at Qlimax and it should be named Crazy. The artists said we can consider this one as a follow up for Together As One.

These guys are aiming for a release around April/May. Details on a release party should be announced in due course. All other news about the album should be upcoming on January.

In addition to that, it seems Sound Rush are going to release every month starting in January! They also have plans to collaborate with Rebelion (not for the album). They were also asked if they have any plans for collaborations with Devin Wild, Demi Kanon, Frontliner and Delete, to which they replied they don’t.

They also spoke on their bets for the Q-dance top 100, naming Darkest Hour, Orange Heart and Run From Reality as their top 3, and had time for some fun with the fans… By telling what’s their favorite production software!

If you’d like to catch up with the whole action, you can browse for messages by their username or scroll up the chat history to the 12th of this month, Are you looking forward to this album?

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