Following a fan tweet asking for a collaboration between TNT and Radical Redemption, and a positive response from Mr. Radical himself, Technoboy joined the conversation to say he’s up for it as well! A fusion that is quite unusual.

TNT have been very active on Twitter showing some of the previews of the upcoming songs to be released. We have talked a lot about them here so if you are curious to know more, you already know what to do! The masters of reverse bass are on the rise this year.

Radical Redemption has had another successful year with a lot of new tracks and tremendous quality, you can hear more of the tracks on his totally thunderous Qlimax set.

This merger leaves fans definitely looking forward to this event as it is quite unusual indeed.

What do you think about this collaboration? Do you think a good result will come out or a total failure? We want to know your opinion!

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