Kasparov, a dutch veteran in the world of Hardcore music, most known for tracks like “Poeder in je neusgat”, “Infected By Madness”, “Back 2 Reality”, “Keihard Naar De Tyfus”, and that has made his fans being used to intense beats, with distorted and bassy kicks linked with low pitched vocals that give an injection of adrenaline into the track, has just released a collab with Scarra, a young man that is giving his first steps in the Raw Hardstyle scene, although, he’s already supported by big names in the Hard genres like Tha Playah and his devotion to the scene has given him some awards, like winning the Decibel Outdoor Festival contest of 2019.

Hit the Gas” is the name chosen for the result of this collaboration, that more than combining different styles, it combines two distinctive generations and perspectives about Hard dance music.

The beginning of this fresh tune gives a reason for its name, once it starts with powerful vocals and some quick percussion that set the mood for a fast beat, despite that, the drop still surprises with a severely hard hit, that combines just fine the kicks that we are used to listen in the Hardcore and Raw Style scenes.

This is the first release for “State Of Anarchy” records label after Tha Playah’s tracks and you can buy it at hardtunes.com or just stream it down here:

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