Sub Zero Project took it to their socials to announce they’re preparing something rather special for 2020: a new live act!

Rave Into Space is the name for this new project and they’ll start off with showcasing it at the upcoming I Am Hardstyle event in Mannheim on the 25th of January. Following dates are the 7th March at Reverze and 11th April at Rebirth.

From their post, it isn’t really clear what they’ll be doing with this new live show. The Hard Dance scene has been filled with live acts throughout the years that don’t really have anything different from a normal performance other than the artists playing exclusively tracks of theirs. Hopefully this will be different, as these guys definitely have what it takes to rock the big stages with a true live act!

Regardless, this initiative of theirs is definitely set to be successful. This duo has been on a roll, especially since they released their album earlier this year. More recently they’ve released tracks like PSYchopath, a track that despite not being a smash hit like some of their other ones, shows everyone why this a very relevant duo in Hardstyle, and also Face Of A Champion, a collaboration with Coone.

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