You weren’t expecting this one, were you? We weren’t, but the megacollab between Hard Bass’s 2019 Team Green (Noisecontrollers, Atmozfears & B-Front) named Das Boot has been released!

After being premiered at the event, it’s now being released. Of course, with such talents and the huge labels they have behind them, they probably had a somewhat hard time figuring out where to release this, but settled for Roughstate, the imprint where B-Front has his releases.

The melody is largely based on the theme for the 1981 film with the same name as the track. At first some thought this would be a bootleg, or a tool made just for Hard Bass, and as such, it wouldn’t be released, but that’s not the case.

The track kicks off with an orchestral like mood, in a fashion similar to the original. Towards the minute mark, it starts ramping up, with the melody opening up and filling the airwaves. One of the distinctive detail thus far is the inclusion of a submarine radar-like sound, alluding to the original film where the track is inspired. As expected from these masters, they’ve included a punchy kick with a bass that fills in the lower frequencies nicely.

This isn’t the first time a Hard Dance artist has taken inspiration from the same melody, another example is Coone’s Black Submarine. Regardless, this is a welcome effort, and these guys definitely made a great track!

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