When two artists like these get together in the studio, you know they’re set to do something brilliant… And that’s exactly what Fade To Black is! BeauDamian and Cesqeaux drop a new track on bitbird that’s both energetic and emotional.

Fade To Black begins with a pace setting breakbeat that leads up to the vocal centered break. The lyrics are very deep, and can be interpreted as describing a failed relationship. The build up quickly drops and the climax has a nice drive, with a lead melody that pops on top of a full-bodied bass. The second climax has a slight melody variation that will certainly keep listeners interested and the outro winds everything down with just the beat and some ambient sounds.

Both producers are known to release absolute bangers individually and having them team up together resulted in a track that’s just beyond this world. BeauDamian has been on fire releasing tracks like Galaxy, New Timeless and Missing You, while Cesqeaux has been making the airwaves tremble with stuff like Amsterdam and the Make Some Noise (together with Juyen Sebulba), so it is safe to say both artists are enjoying one of the best periods of their careers.

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