Without any news release or big social media posts, Q-dance has detailed the date for the upcoming edition of Qapital. It will take place, once again, at the Ziggo Dome, but this time on April the 4th.

The perfect event for anyone that appreciates the rougher edge of Hardstyle, Qapital has been highlighted for its all star lineups year after year and the amazing sound quality on the Ziggo Dome. It is one of those events that truly honored a particular sound within the Hardstyle scene and that has seen not only masters like Adaro, Frequencerz, Radical Redemption, DJ Thera, Ran-D and Crypsis do memorable sets, but also newcomers that are now known names in the scene, such as Bass Chaserz, Phuture Noize, Jason Payne and Sub Zero Project, to name a few.

If you well remember, earlier this year Q-dance sent out a survey to those who went to Qapital asking, among other things, if they’d like a day event. It seems the response to this was negative, given that they’ll host it once again through the night. We don’t yet know regarding any afterparties or if there will be Hardcore in the lineup… Only time will tell!

While the organization doesn’t release more details, you can check for hotel packages here if you need any.

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