The young Portuguese dreamer of the Hardstyle community is confirmed at one of the most anticipated parties of the year when it comes to Hardstyle fans, The Promised Land in Braga!

Louis aka Luís Barbosa already knows the city of Braga quite well, having performed this year with Sly-R at the Dancefloor – Jump to the Drop festival, for which they got a very positive response from the crowd on their set, it was something wonderful and splendid. You can relive it here!

Louis is already a well-known name in the portuguese Hardstyle scene having performed in various venues such as the We Love Hardstyle, Battle Royale parties and more, starting in small parties and ending up like this!

His production is becoming quite popular and the time that he spent was all worth it! This little legend will perform after DJ DEEPHUNTER, click here to find out who he is.

Not to forget that soon this young man will have big news on the way, he warned that it is going to be the most sentimental track that he made and touched his heart. On the 20th of this month, Louis will launch a bootleg of Martin Garrix’s, “Used to Love“. If you are interested in knowing the end result that is coming, follow master Louis and Wide Future to stay abreast of the news.

We already mentioned that The Promised Land, an event organized by DJ Alex T, is waiting for you and to buy a ticket just talk to him. Hurry up because tickets don’t last forever!

Speaking a bit more about the party, there are few artists left to be confirmed and Alex T warned that the last thirty minutes of the party will be to send the house down, we do not know what magic the artists will be preparing but it will be something very explosive.

If you are a real fan of Hardstyle and live in Portugal, then get your ticket and make your presence with the Hardstyle Portugal team!

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