Oh boy do we have a sweet one this week! Coming all the way from Australia, we caught up with Melbourne Bounce pioneer Uberjak’d!

Wide Future [WF]: Thanks for accepting! First things first: Was your family musical in any way? Did your love for music start out with a certain genre and then dance music, or were you hypnotized immediately by dance music?
Uberjak’d [U]: Nah, no one in my family was really musical, I never learnt to play a musical instrument in school. I’ve always liked heavy music and I was just lucky that when I was starting out DAWs that were easy to use were starting to become available so I got myself a copy of Ableton, locked myself in my bedroom and taught myself how to produce music.

[WF]: Were you a DJ or a producer first?
[U]: Both really, I would always test out my early beats by playing them in DJ mixes when I practised in my bedroom, I wanted to play my music in my DJ sets that’s what got me started.

[WF]: How did it feel when you bought your first PRO piece of equipment?
[U]: Hahaha I don’t know I’ve never owned a set of club spec CDJs. I learnt on a pair of CDJ 400 but I wouldn’t call them pro haha

[WF]: What was the first moment you thought: “this is it. I’m moving to the big leagues now?”
[U]: I don’t know hahah! I’ll tell you when I get that though. ?

[WF]: I first got to know your sound in “The Moment”, all the way back in 2014. Do you look back on those days and think “ah, I miss those”
[U]: Yeah for sure, 2013-2015 I made a lot of music that people really seemed to like, and I was touring like crazy, it was a crazy time.

[WF]: Since then, you have now releases on all major labels: Hussle, Bourne, Dharma, Spinnin, Mixmash, and many more. Which label was most fun to work with, where did you feel most at home?
[U]: Dim Mak was really good to work with, Steve is a genius business man and marketer and has a great team.

[WF]: You even have your own label, JAKD Recordings! Congrats, that’s a a major step in an artist’s career! How much (if at all) did you have to think this step through?
[U]: I wish I did it years ago to be honest, I recomend it to any artist. 

[WF]: You’re supporting new talent, but I noticed your releases are not as ”frequent” as they could be, with some gaps throughout the calendar. Is this something the label plans on improving in the future?
[U]: 2019 was a year for experimenting and trying new things in the studio. I have an albums worth of un released material and it’s all dropping 2020.

[WF]: Whenever you have a new track, do you default on launching it on your own JAKD platform, or do you search for other possibilities?
[U]: JAKD has been a good home for my latest releases, that might change in the future…but I like having full control of my music from the studio to release.

[WF]: Tell us a bit about your thought process behind producing. Where do you start? Lead? Drop?
[U]: The most important part usually, so the hook, whatever that might be. 

[WF]: Give us an Uberjak’d tip for producing that most producers disregard.
[U]: People are too worried about being technical and act like there is a right and wrong way to produce, I think that idea is wrong.

[WF]: What was the hardest track you produced until now? One that you had to scrap several times before reaching the final result?
[U]: “Fix You Up”, spent way too long trying to perfect that because it was a genre I wasn’t familiar with. 

[WF]: We know this is like asking you which son you love the most but: favorite track you produced so far?
[U]: “Rverse”, I am really happy how that one turned out.

[WF]: You were a huge part of the expansion of Melbourne bounce, along with Will Sparks, Reece Low, Brynny, and many more. Why do you think that genre appealed so much to the international crowd?
[U]: I think because it was diferent, we brought our own unique vibe to EDM.

[WF]: Nowadays, Melbourne Bounce is far from its peak popularity of yesteryear, with most artists evolving to either psy or merging psy and Melbourne Bounce. Do you think that was a natural evolution to the original sound?
[U]: Yeah a lot of clubs used to play psy in Melbourne, so a lot of the DJs liked that sound to begin with so that’s probably why. 

[WF]: What’s the next step? How will the sound evolve in the future? 
[U]: Haha no idea, I just think if you do you, who gives a fuck really ?

[WF]: Is there any genre you’ve always wanted to try but never did because you were too afraid of being judged by your fans and peers?

[U]: Haha yeah welcome to my life, blessing and a curse: being known for producing a genre. People are becoming more open minded though, I feel. 

[WF]: Speaking of trying something new, a little birdie (called Ben haha) told us you may or may not have an album incoming *wink wink*.
Until now you only had released EPs, how much of a challenge was/Is an album compared to what you’ve done so far?

[U]: It was a huge challenge and I pushed myself out of my comfort zone while writing it. I can’t say too much but 2020 I’ll start releasing singles followed by the full album. Technically, “Rverse” is the first track off the album. 

[WF]: What can we expect from the album? New approach and experiments, or pure, unbridled Uberjak’d power?
[U]: A bit old, a bit new, but I think it does sound like me.
P.S: it’s not gonna be a EDM pop álbum, in case people are scared that I am gonna go all Chainsmokers on them

[WF]: Any hints on the release dates? No need to promise anything though ahah!
[U]: 2nd track will be released in late January

Now comes a tradition in our interviews: quickfire questions!
Gaming or binge watching a show? TV at the moment! Rick & Morty!
Beer or Wine? Beer. For wine, it has to be a red though
Beach or city sightseeing? Beach.
Plugin you can’t live without? Waves SSL
Little known fact about yourself? I am addicted to peanut M&Ms
Best prank you’ve ever pulled on someone? Ask Lockdown
Craziest thing you’ve ever seen? No idea, I’ve seen a lot of crazy shit.
Worst circumstances/venue conditions you ever played in? Played in a rainforest in Malaysia once and it rained so much, the music shut off.
Out of all your DJ friends, who’s the craziest motherf*cker of them all? DJ Strisha. Absolute monster. 

[WF]: Any Ozzie slang one HAS to know before travelling there?
[U]: Haha man there is too much, just know you’re going to be confused. But remember to call your mates “cunts”, and cunts “mate”.

[WF]: Does Australia have that many big ass spiders and other insanely scary animals? Or is just a ploy to scare off outsiders?
[U]: It is, 100% confirmed

[WF]: What do you know of our beautiful little country of Portugal? Besides Cristiano Ronaldo of course ahaha
[U]: You have dope food!

[WF]: Google “francesinha” right now. It’s a traditional Portuguese dish. What do you think?
[U]: Looks amazing! Def gotta try that!

[WF]: Would you be open for a quick set for our Future Connection Radioshow? We could use some jacking up! *wink wink*
[U]: Of course! (CHECK LINK HERE)

[WF]: Last question: being an international DJ/Producer is very hard, but also gives you many opportunities to travel and do other things one usually has a hard time doing. Think of everything you’ve done and/or seen so far. Is there something still on your bucket list, regarding your career and your personal life?
[U]: Always lots on the list, but there is a lot of places I still want to visit, Portugal being one of them!

[WF]: Finally, is there anything you want to say to our beautiful readers?
[U]: I just want to say thanks to anyone who has supported my music over the years! I really hope I can make it to your amazing country to DJ one day!

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