Yesterday at Nightbreed Records, the wonderful MYST released another magnificent track in his unique style.

Wake Up” is one of the tracks for the most underrated song books, as MYST has a fantastic production capacity with his kicks and melody, a perfectly matching junction, also the climax is a bit stupendous.

MYST has performed on several festivals such as Defqon.1, Qapital, Decibel and many more, but at outdoor festivals, MYST has never had a chance to play the main stages and with these songs, I’m sure it will get him there.

For those who don’t know, MYST had an “alias” called Pandorum that produced Hardcore and made a track that drove the fans crazy called Sacrifice, just to have a better idea of how underrated this DJ/producer was in the Hard Dance scene. Pandorum did the last performance back in 2017, but you can still hear his tracks!

Hopefully in the near future this DJ will get the recognition he deserves and we will see him on the main stages in 2020.

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