Gifted Hardstyle producer Physika never ceases to surprise, and this is yet another high quality track. He drops this new release at Gearbox, his usual label, and shows why he’s one of the best when it comes to joining the rougher and the more sentimental sides of Hardstyle together.

The track kicks off with a soothing and well detailed melody and the vocal sample inviting everyone to “start the show”! We’re then led through two heavy impacting kicks along with a distorted bassline that’s pleasant to the ears. During the break we have opera-like vocals accompanying the melody for a bit, which is a rather distinct element. We then have the first climax which is somewhat anti-climatic, as it supports itself on screeches instead of the lead melody. The second climax brings us the lead in all its glory, finishing the track with a bang!

For those keeping track of Physika’s releases for longer, you can definitely see an evolution on his productions. If you compare something like Such Silence (which was already great) with these latest tracks you do notice an overall improvement in sound design, while staying true to the original sound he’s always had! This may explain why he recently decided to revisit The Huntsman, for example, and release a “2.0” version of the track that includes the tricks he’s learned since the first version.

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