Today, December 6th, Vertile decided to anticipate Christmas by offering us this magnificent remix that everyone was hyped for, “Raging in the Dancehall“.

This track has been played numerous times by top DJ’s such as Adaro and others. Immediately the fans went crazy and asked on social networks who was the guy who made such a work of art and here he is, Vertile, my gentlemen.

Vertile is a DJ and producer from the Netherlands and has performed in several festivals like Defqon.1, Impaqt, opened the 5 years event of Rebelion and Decibel. We have a growing star!

Raging in the Dancehall” is a great Endymion classic in the era of their Hardcore career, several remixes of this track have been released but none of them got Vertile’s quality.

Thanks to Q-dance, Vertile has appeared out of nowhere and is already gaining some fan ears with the tracks he has already released. What do you expect more from Vertile in the near future? Did you like this Remix? Let us know!

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