Versailles (hold) is the most recent track released by Christian Löffler. After releasing “Graal (Prologue)” earlier this year for Ki Records, the producer has already confirmed a successor album, “Lys” (which means light in danish) to be officially released on March the 20th of 2020.

Unlike Graal, which is an album fully made in the comfort of Christian’s home studio, Lys was crafted on the road, among his shows during a period of six months.

Christian Löffler is an artist that does not strict his work just to music, he is also a visual artist and the approach he has to music production is similar to the one he has to pictorial art. As it happens when he paints or takes a picture, the german tries to create something bigger than just a piece of art, he tries to tell a story.

To define Christian’s music is a tough task, not only to those who listen it but also to himself, although, he explains it by telling that “he tries to combine melancholy with euphoria. “All my music is connected by a gloomy spirit, which is minted by a warm sincerity” and that is pretty much what you may feel when listening to Löffler’s creations, a fortunate combination of a slight sadness with nostalgia that give you both goosebumps and smiles. It is definitely an enjoyable trip to take when you listen to Christian Löffler’s tunes.

Listen to Versailles (hold), the first music of “Lys” to come out and take a scent of what is really waiting for you in March:

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