It’s been a long time coming, but it is finally here. The master Noisecontrollers has reached the milestone he’s been counting down to for a while now – his 200th release! An impressive milestone, celebrated together with a long time “partner in crime” – Wildstylez.

The EP is composed of two tracks, one being the collaboration with Wildstylez and another one a solo track.

The EP kicks off with 200 Dreams, the collaboration. This one’s all about the dreamy vocals and it is a very well balanced collaboration, as you can hear bits that belong to one artist and to the other throughout. The piano background accompanying the vocals in the break is extremely pleasing, and accompanies the climax well, which is surprisingly chill and uplifting!

People Are Awesome is the second track, and it is the solo one. This was one of the standout tracks from Headhunterz’s set at Qlimax this year, and it generated quite a lot of buzz as it was quite recognizable as belonging to Noisecontrollers himself. Some distinctive elements here are the very well made melody and the vocals deep down in the track. Hopefully this one’s dedicated to his fans? Who knows! But in what concerns me those who listen to his tracks are certainly awesome…

So what do you think about this 200th release? What’s your favorite Noisecontrollers track?

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