And just like that, we witness perfection as two geniuses of Bass Music, Subtronics & Kayzo join forces to create one of the heaviest, most intense releases of 2019.

Looking to leave this year with a bang, “Braincase” is the culmination of two distinct yet complementary genres. Starting out in full Doghouse fashion, the track grows around his intriguing synths and a metal melody, that takes you through the woods with the hounds of Kayzo.

Taking a sharp turn on the drop, the track breaks down into a filthy Hard Dance climax, until once again switching and through some funny vocals, Subtronics emerges with a handful of Riddim, ready to slap your face.

A beautiful combination of talent is the description we’d give to “Braincase“. Premiered a couple months back, all the members of the Doghouse and followers of the Cyclops went mental on social media with this collaboration happening.

Both Kayzo & Subtronics had a very successful year, with both sides releasing some outstanding productions. Kayzo‘s second album “Unleashed” was to many, album of the year and “Wooked on Tronics” EP of the year, so its fair to say that “Braincase” is the junction of two masterminds in the industry.

Looking forward to see what they got planned ahead for 2020, here is “Braincase“, and beware, for you might go wild! You’ve been warned!

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