Following last week’s hard beats masterclass with Gigaheartz, we slow it down a notch with one of the most revered portuguese DJ’s: Pedro Carrilho.

He’s been a severely underrated artist, a veteran of the game whose international reputation has been shadowed by others, but Pedro keeps on working and lets his music speak for him: with releases on Spinnin, Defected, Peak Hour, Kontor and more, he’s a reference in Portugal’s dance music scene. His latest single, “Jungle Queen” – released on KSHMR’s Dharma, is making the rounds and already has almost 75k plays.

How was your start as an artist?

I began releasing records in 2005, back in the “vinyl era”. I was learning a lot by reading magazines (no Youtube) and I struggled a bit since the tech was very different back then. Regarding the clubs, my very first professional gig happened in 2001. My father was also a part-time DJ back in the 80s so I guess we can say it runs in the family!

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

The crowd! Getting to see a huge group of clubbers raging to my own tracks is an incredibly inspirational moment and I always try and replicate that feeling when I’m in the studio.

What obstacles have you faced along the way and how did you surpass them?

Probably not having the resources to acquire everything I needed for practicing or making music! I learned to DJ using turntables and everything was too expensive… Software was also very limited at the time and I always felt like we were a few steps behind from the big producers out there. However patience is key and things improved when I properly began networking and getting support from international DJ’s, which brought a lot of opportunities and collaborations!

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