Hardstyle’s fan favorite baldy Headhunterz’s team announced on his socials that he will be cancelling the majority of his shows in December.

The Veenendaal native is a legend among the harder styles, and was one of the first to bring those hard beats to the mainstream audience. Born in 1985, the now 34-year old William Rebergen had been on the scene for 15 years, growing from a young nobody to the powerhouse that is today.

Following endless years of touring, it seems like Headhunterz has sadly reached his limit. After a hiatus from hardstyle in 2015 (and the sub consequent return to it in 2017) and a couple of breaks in between, it seems that William has finally yielded. Last week, his team announced his time off social media, and now they drop the bombshell: all December shows are cancelled, with the exception of Music Dome – Roermond and Orange Heart – Paradiso.

The announcement claims that “Having spent years touring, fighting jet lags and always moving from one destination to the next, it has come to a point where Willem needs to take some time off”, also claiming that “…By limiting the stress…we trust that he gets the space he needs to recover….”

Honestly, the announcement causes little to no surprise. In an age where artists are increasingly strained and booked excessively, the lack of time for themselves, family and personal matters is but one of the consequences of an even bigger picture which, if untreated, may lead to dire results (e.g Hardwell’s hiatus and, to a more extreme degree, Tim’s passing).

We here at Wide Future wish a speedy recovery to Headhunterz and hope to see him back to the stages healthy and ready to blow up some more speakers!

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