Young stars The A Squad and Valido join together on a new release that came out on Dirty Workz!

This is a track that joins roughness and melody in equal measure and does so very well! It kicks off right away with a “psy-influenced” kick and bass. It then proceeds to a break with sentimental vocals with lyrics regarding an apocalyptic scenario of the end of the world. We are then treated to a gorgeous lead melody that erupts through the speakers nicely. The kick that follows in the climax is deep and heavy, with a “crunchy” bass underneath it that fills the track quite well, a bit like we’re used to on Valido’s productions. The second climax repeats more or less the same recipe of the first one, ending the track with a bang!

The A Squad is a relatively unknown name in the scene, having released previously on Dirty Workz too, more precisely on their “copyright free” section. Valido is a somewhat better known name in the scene, and that our readers certainly know well, because he’s one of those guys in our “ones to watch” list! So this is definitely a collaboration worth highlighting as it is a quality one.

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