We just can’t help talking about this guy and by the time you listen to Spencer Brown’s tracks, you’ll understand why. Well, he just announced his second album and it will be out on January the 31st.

In fact, ‘Stream Of Consciousness’ will provide a deeper insight into the creative world of Spencer’s mind and how he sees music and the way he wants to put that creative force out in the world.

If you’ve been to any of Spencer’s live or you’ve listened to some of his livesets online, you know that once you’re in, you are set to enjoy a delightful ride and his sounds always sound fresh and they make you locked in from start until the very end and you always feel like you could be listening to the man for hours.

This is his vision on what an album should represent, an entire journey, with no stopping points, where one track leads to the other and each transition is just a different stage of your ride. One song does not make sense without the other and they will always be connected.

Creating an album of radio-edited singles has never interested me creatively. I prefer to craft music that keeps my listener in a flow state—working, studying, traveling, exercising, dancing, whatever it may be. I conceived my album as one carefully mixed piece: an hour and change of continuous music.

This one took 329 revisions to finalise (words from Spencer) as he is a control freak over his mixes:

it’s deeply ingrained in my creative process.

Well, celebrating the fact that this combines tracks that have been written since 2015, the producer decided to release the first two tracks and we won’t tell you a thing about them. Go and listen to them and tell us what you think! You can do it here:

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